10 tips for taking better photos of your children

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Do you ever look at other people’s photos of their kids and wonder how they got such great shots? How did they get that good lighting and lack of blur?

Here to help out with some great, easy-to-follow tips is Marta, a local child and baby photographer and founder of Magic Rainbow Photography.. Whether you have an expensive camera or just like to snap away on your a smart phone, these tips will help you to take better photos while having fun along the way.



10 tips for taking better photos of your children

by Marta from Magic Rainbow Photography

Living in Twickenham, we’re surrounded by beautiful picture perfect scenery and, in this crisp season, when the sun is out, it’s an especially fabulous time to grab the camera, take the kids out and snap away.

But here’s the difficult part. When it comes to photographing children things are never that straightforward. They’re often not interested in posing or saying cheese – they just want to run around and have fun. So here are ten useful pointers to consider the next time you want to get pics of your little monsters.

1. Location

Children love being outside, playing and exploring. Take them to a location that will keep them interested. Thames riverside, Richmond or Bushy Park are great for that. There is so much to explore, just keep your camera ready for those candid portraits of the little ones just being themselves.


2. Time of day

Lighting can make or break a great picture. Avoid photography at midday when the sun is too high and creates harsh dark shadows on the face. Early morning and late afternoon are the best times to take pictures outdoors. The light is nice and soft on the skin and gives a beautiful golden glow.


3. Shutter speed

If you are using a digital camera, try setting it to sports mode or child portrait mode. These are special automatic settings for photographing moving objects and we all know that kids are not likely to stay still for too long. A fast shutter speed will ensure you don’t miss out on a great spontaneous moment, just be ready when it happens!


4. It’s all about perspective

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different angles. It’s amazing how a simple change in the position of the camera can make all the difference for a great portrait. Go down to the child’s level and look at the world from their perspective. Let the camera capture what they see.


5. Capture a relationship

Show the bond between mum/dad and the baby or child. Siblings playing together also make for some beautiful photographs as well and a lovely memory for the future.


6. Tell a story

Imagine going through these pictures in 10 years’ time. How would you like to remember this day? A series of photographs, each focusing on something different from your day out will be a great reminder of your time together.


7. Clothing.

Try to keep clothes simple and comfortable. Remember, you want to capture the child being comfortable and just being his or her self. It’s about their character, not the outfit.


8. Close up

Sometimes a close-up makes for a powerful portrait. Focus on the eyes, show an emotion or capture those tiny details that we wouldn’t normally notice.


9. Newborns and babies

Newborn and baby photography can be trickier to organise outside so instead find a place at home beside a big window and take some shots there. Use the available daylight and capture the quiet moment of the baby sleeping. These will make for a truly special memory in years to come.


10. And last but not least, have fun

Some children will be more willing to cooperate than others. But turn the whole experience into a game and you are guaranteed plenty of smiles and giggles. Make the camera part of the game while playing peek-a-boo, hide and seek or just throwing a ball around. The more they’re enjoying themselves, the better the chances of some amazing natural childhood portraits.


Interested in having a professional child or baby photo shoot?

A photo shoot can really help to capture in time the magic of childhood and the resulting pictures make a fantastic gift for proud relatives.

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