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Are you considering a summer drama class for your child and wondering who to go with? Here at Twickermum we’ve always had a special interest in a local company that works hard to benefit the community as well as offering great kids’ classes.

This summer Dramacube is running exciting workshops in Twickenham, Hampton and Barnes, inspired by popular Disney classics The Lion King and Frozen. And, much like supporting your local butcher, greengrocer or florist, mums and dads who book a workshop with Dramacube are not only helping their own children, but also supporting the wider community.

Dramacube-LogoLast year Dramacube offered more than 100 free places to local children from under privileged backgrounds and this year they’re keen to help even more children. Here to tell us more is founder Stephen Leslie.



The Benefits of a Local Children’s Drama Company

by Stephen Leslie

At Dramacube we believe that learning starts with children having fun. Only when a child is relaxed and comfortable in their surroundings can they really start to develop their performance skills through acting, singing and dance. Drama offers so many benefits but perhaps, most importantly, it gives children confidence and an opportunity to communicate and relate to other children in a safe space beyond the school gates.


How does a drama class benefit your child?

Dramacube-Holiday-WorkshopsWith a new-found level of self esteem and confidence, a child can really start to excel, with noticeable improvements in concentration, energy and focus. Learning a song will be enjoyable but will also help to expand vocabulary, whilst a simple dance routine will help to energise a child and improve their fitness and coordination.

Research suggests that children whose imaginations are stimulated through drama, music and movement, become more able in reading, writing and even maths!

Over the past two years, hundreds of children have enjoyed being part of Dramacube and we’ve had the pleasure of seeing so many really develop their social skills, whilst becoming very accomplished young actors, singers and dancers.


How is Dramacube helping the local community?

Six months after our company first opened its doors, we were yet to conquer our biggest challenge. Our aim was to make drama accessible to as many children as possible. However it became clear that, despite keeping our prices very low, many young people, and often those who really needed the extra support, were missing out because their families were not in a position to cover the costs.

After a series of in depth discussions with members of the community, we developed an idea which would enable us to give something back and help some of those children who were missing out. By partnering with local schools and children’s charities, we’ve been able to reach out into the community and support children from under privileged backgrounds, by offering complimentary workshops through our DRAMA-4-ALL programme.

The programme was launched in January 2013 and has already seen over 100 children reaping the benefits of various creative projects across the borough within the last 16 months. The programme has been a complete success and we are now looking at ways of helping more children, not just in the Richmond borough, but in other areas too.



What is on offer for children this summer and beyond?

Summer Disney-Themed Workshops
This summer Dramacube is running a series of 2-day workshops in Twickenham, Hampton and Barnes, inspired by The Lion King and the most popular animated film of all time: Disney’s Frozen.


Children can join feisty Anna and her enchanted sister Elsa in the Oscar-winning re-imagining of The Snow Queen. Or hop off to warmer climes in Africa to join lion prince Simba and friends as they discover The Circle of Life. All workshops culminate in a performance for parents at the end of day two.

Details and booking


Saturday Classes
During term time we offer a range of creative acting, singing and dance classes for children aged 4-6 and 7-11 in the Twickenham and Teddington area.


  • Children aged 4-6 can join in our 90-minute Drama, Music & Movement classes, which give them the creative foundation they need to build confidence and develop social skills.
  • From the age of seven, children can join our three hour classes which incorporate acting, singing and dance. These core theatrical components are used to help develop their creative skills and give them a stronger focus and challenge as we work towards our end of term performance. With puppetry and mask also taught, children are given a broad and thorough performing arts experience.

To find out about future term dates, visit our Website where you can also sign up to our mailing list. A free taster session is available to anyone who fancies giving it a try, with no commitment to sign up.


Drama Parties
Got a birthday coming up?

Dramacube_3We run specially-themed drama parties for children aged 5-7 or 7-11, based in Richmond, St. Margaret’s, Teddington, Twickenham and all over Greater London.

Every adventure is led by one of our experienced drama workshop leaders who will arrive at your party in full costume and in character. An exciting mix of creative story-telling, imagination, improvisation and drama games will lead your child and their friends on an unforgettable journey, giving them all a party to remember.

Once you’ve confirmed the party with us we’ll send you a free pack of bespoke invites for your child to send out to their friends.


Find out More

To learn more about our classes, workshops, parties and community schemes:

We look forward to meeting you.


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